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Success By Design LLC equips organizations with the tools to succeed and perform at their very best. Whether you contract for training seminars, market research, consultation, or a combination of services, Success By Design can help increase your organization’s overall success.

We offer Market Research, Customized Training, Instructional Design, and Consultative Services.

We’re different from other consulting firms… Success By Design specializes in Market Research – but that’s just the beginning. To improve your organization’s bottom-line results, we also offer customized training that helps you effectively and efficiently address your company’s strengths and weaknesses as identified in our market research analysis. Our training is tailored to your organization’s specific needs, so you can more effectively and efficiently design a pathway for success.

Market Research

  • Do you know what sets your product/service apart in your customer’s eyes?

  • Do you know what your customers prefer?

  • Do you know what your employees value? How are your employees’ voices heard?


Success By Design will help you answer these and other questions. Using qualitative research methods, we collect and analyze data to provide feedback and other valuable insights into your customers and how they interact with your company. Through focus groups and individualized interviews, we help you understand the attitudes and motivations of your customers.

  • Competitive Analysis – How does your product or service measure up to the competition?

  • Advertising Evaluation – Are you on target with your advertising campaign strategy?

  • New Product/Service Development – Have you identified a need, and do you know your customers’ expectations?

  • Performance/Satisfaction Development – How do your customers feel about your product or service? What is the morale within your organization? Are your employees performing at their best?


Success By Design will help you answer these and other questions. Using quantitative research, we collect and analyze data to provide 360-degree feedback (peer evaluation) and other valuable insight into your customers and how they interact with your company. Through focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and other qualitative methods, we help you understand the attitudes and motivations of your customers.

Customized Training

  • Tired of “cookie-cutter” training?

  • Looking for training that addresses your specific needs?

  • Do you need training that offers strategies?

Choose from existing themes such as Optimizing an Organization through Collaboration, Time Management, Decision Making, Customer Service, Foundations for Effective Leadership, Strategic Visioning, Stress Management, and Developing a Strategic Change Plan – or let us develop a new training program to meet your organization’s objectives.

Instructional Design

Success By Design LLC-service con-02.png
  • Are you looking for training built to be relevant, impactful, and lead to learning retention?

  • Do you need training developed to give your learners a clear statement of what they’ll be able to do AFTER training?

  • Are your organization’s goals, as well as your learner’s needs considered when determining if training is necessary?


Success By Design will conduct an in-depth needs assessment to determine your key stakeholder’s goals. We will then analyze, design and develop relevant instructional content, insightful learning activities, and impactful training and evaluation to maximize participants’ acquisition of new knowledge and real-world skills in order to face today’s challenges.

Consultative Services

  • Is a collaboration between departments an area of need as your organization works toward common goals?

  • Do you need objectivity and influence to implement new ideas with your team?

  • Does your organization need “new eyes” on existing problems to identify solutions to execute?


At Success By Design, we value the positive, lasting relationships we build with our clients. When your organization needs ongoing consultation, we provide a fresh perspective through experienced insight and inquiry that serves as a catalyst for change, bringing new life to your organization.

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